Down on one’s luck – expressions with LUCK


I’m down on my luck at the moment

Luck is a curious word but some say that you make your own luck. People that are optimistic and try to find situations, places and people that can help them do well are more likely to be “lucky”. But these people can also be down on their luck. We all hope that we can have a lucky break –this means that luck starts to go well for you:

  • -I saw my old school friend Giles in the street, his company need more engineers and he offered me a job
  • -What a lucky break for you!


Down on one’s luck means:

Things are not going so well for you.




  • John’s really down on his luck, the company where he worked closed last month because they couldn’t pay their workers and now his wife has also been made redundant*.
  • Julia and Mark had saved all year so they could take their children to Disneyland. Then their son John fell off his bike and broke his leg the day before they were going to leave. The doctor told them that he can’t travel for at least one month! They are really down on their luck at the moment.