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Keep your eyes great

This is an occasional article about everyday English, here we are talking about:

  • make up
  • eyeliners
  • mascara
  • eye shadows
  • false eyelashes

These days women don’t just put a few lines of colour on their eyes, they are thinking of the eye styling which best fits their eyes, their face and their style.

Make up is the generic word for all the lipsticks, liners, poders  and colours etc that are used to get the best look for your  face for those special moments.

Eye Liners are the special pencils used to outline the edge of your eyelids.

Eye Shadow are the special colours that are brushed onto the upper eyelid

Mascara is applied with a special brush to give colour to eyebrows and eye lashes

A great website to check out this vocabulary and get great material online is Simply Eyes


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  1. Great article, excellent for expanding vocabulary