Expressions with LIFE: as large as life, come to life, take life in hands

 Meaning of expressions with LIFE

as large as life, come to life, not on your life, take one’s life in your hands

life (n)

– person that is the cause of enjoyment or activity in a group

  • John was the life of the party, people loved his jokes and his improvised games

as large as life

– real, not able to be mistaken

  • – I opened the door to see my brother who I hadn’t seen for 2 years. There he was, as large as life.

come to life

– to show or develop interest, excitement etc

  • – The meeting came to life when John Brown accused the boss of being incompetent

not on your life!

– Certainly not!

  • Not on your life! There’s no way that I’m going to work more hours for less money!

Take one’s life in one’s (own) hands

– in constant danger of death (infml)

  • – When mountaineers decide to climb 8,000m mountains they take their own life in their hands.

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