Difference between a dream and an objective

Difference between dream and objective

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We all have dreams, wishes for better things to happen. Many of these dreams are attainable, we know because some people are living “our” dream.

So what’s the problem?

Simple: our dreams are just that, DREAMS. Empty wishes with no substance.

We can only achieve most dreams by setting objectives, goals if you like.

“I’d love to be able to speak English well and to be able to hold a fluent conversation with a native English speaker”

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are achieving this dream every year – so it IS possible.

You just need to think that:


I’m going to achieve my dream by January 2015

Then you promise yourself (This has to be a REAL promise) to work at your English so that you fulfil your objective

– Daily contact with the language

– Make English a habit in your life

Habits lead to action which leads to success