Expressions FALL 4: fall into, fall off, fall on, fallout

Meaning of FALL on hard times, fallout, fall into, fall off

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fall into

– to begin

  • – I don’t know how but I just fell into conversation with her and we became friends.


Fall off

– become less in quantity, quality

  • – The bread was excellent at the start, but I have noticed that the quality has fallen off
  • – The number of new players fell off last year. However, we are expecting it to rise again this year.


Fall on hard times

– become poor

  • – There is so much unemployment that many families have fallen on hard times



– the dangerous (radioactive) dust that is left in the air and on the ground after an atomic explosion

  • – It was reported that the fallout from the Fukushima explosion crossed the Pacific and could be detected in California

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