Expressions with FALL 3: fall down, fall for, fall guy, fall behind

Meaning of fall behind, fall for, fall down, fall guy

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fall behind

– fail to produce /pay something on time

  • – In the summer we fell behind on the rent payments
  • – Matthew has fallen so far behind with his work that it’s going to be impossible to deliver the report on time


fall down

– fail or lacking in power

  • – The report falls down on giving acceptable recommendations for improvement
  • – The team has excellent defence and midfield but falls down in attack


fall for

1 accept and be cheated by

  • – Referees often fall for players pretending that they are injured

2 fall in love with (suddenly)(infml)

  • – She fell for him the first day that they met


fall guy (Am E infml)

1 person tricked into taking the blame for another’s crime

  • – Jake was arrested by the police but he was just a fall guy. The real target for the police is the Managing Director

2 person easily cheated or made to look a fool

  • – Miliko is the clever clown and Koolani plays his fall guy, he always does things wrong

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