Expressions with HALF 2:not half,half and half,half a dozen, half the battle

 Meaning of idioms half the battle, not half, half a dozen, half and half

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Half the battle

biggest part of the difficulty (finished)

  • – Chopping the tree down without it falling on the house was half the battle. Now we only need to cut it up into small logs for the fire.
  • – Getting all the data for the report and interpreting it is half the battle. All we have to do now is print it.


Not half (infml)

1 very

  • – Wow! It isn’t half windy today, it’s difficult to walk.

2 Not at all

  • – The food’s not half bad. (= quite good)

3 very much

  • – “Did you like that pizza?” “Not half! Is there any more?”

4 not nearly as

  • – The sea was very rough but we didn’t feel half as bad (we felt much better) when we arrived in the port.


 Half and half

equal measures of two things

  • – “How much milk do you want in your coffee?” “Half and half


half a dozen

6; especially of things packed in dozens (12s)

  • – Can I have half a dozen large eggs, please?

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