Meaning of USE; in use, of use, use up, useful/less

What does “USE” mean?   useful, useless, out of use, in use, of use, used, use up


In use

being used

  • – “Mum! Can I make a cake, please?”  “Not now. The oven is in use, I’m making roast beef.”

Of use


  • – If you are mending your puncture on your bike you will find this tool of use.

Use up

finish completely

  • Use up the milk in the fridge before you open another bottle.

Out of use

no longer used

  • – Videos went out of use a few years ago, now everyone uses DVD or Blueray

used (adj)

not new

  • – John Smith deals in used-cars he doesn’t sell new ones.


helpful, effective in use

  • – A 50 cent coin is always useful to have in your pocket for shopping trolleys or parking meters


of no use

  • – This bottle opener is useless, it doesn’t open this bottle

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