NAME: by name, in name only, big name, by the name of

Expressions/idioms with NAME

 good name, in name only, big name, by the name of, by name

name (n)

– reputation

  • – The hotel’s bad service gave it a bad name
  • – This school has a good name for language teaching

big name

– famous/well-known person

  • – There were quite a few big names at the party, including Daniel Radcliffe

by name

– using the name of someone

  • – After the first class the teacher knew all the students by name

by the name of

– having the name

  • – There was a man by the name of William Oliver, do you know him?

In name only

– in appearance or by title but not in fact

  • – He is a dentist in name only, he spends all his time doing photography

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