Paper over, paperback, paperwork, on paper, not worth paper written on

Meaning of expressions with PAPER

Paper over, paperwork, not worth the paper it’s written on, on paper, paperback

Paper over (v)

· hide or make a show of improving a fault

  • – The report didn’t give any explanations it just papered over the problems


· work of writing reports, letters, keeping records etc

  • – I seem to spend more time on paperwork than doing my classes!

Not worth the paper it’s written on

· has no real value or worth

  • – I have 2 year work contract but it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, they can sack me when they want.

On paper

· as written down or printed but not tested, unreal

  • – The project looks good on paper, but you need to show us a pilot test before we finance it.


· a book bound with a thin cardboard cover (compare hardback)

  • – Yes sir, the hardback copy of the novel is 15€ and the paperback is 12€

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