Throw: throwback, throw open, out, together

Idiomatic expressions in English with THROW: throw out, throw together, a throwback, throw open

Throwback (n)

– a return to behaviour or qualities more typical of previous generations

  • – Geoffrey’s management of the estate is a throwback to his grandfather Giles’s style

throw open (v)

– no longer restricted to a particular group

  • – The town’s summer football tournament was thrown open to teams from all the region

throw out (v)

– refuse to accept

  • – the workers committee threw out my suggestions

throw together

1 – make or build hastily without planning

  • – For lunch I just threw a few things together that were in the fridge, but everybody said they liked it.

2 – Bring together (by chance)

  • – We were thrown together by pure coincidence, she was sitting next to me on the plane.

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