Very: very idea, very well, my very own

Meaning of expressions with VERY; the very idea, very good, very well, one’s very own

the very idea (infml)

expresses surprise at someone’s suggestion etc

  • – Of course you can’t miss 3 days of school to go the rock festival! The very idea!

Very (adj)

to give force to an expression

  • – This is the very guitar he played in the last concert before he died.
  • – She was scared of the very idea of living alone.
  • – This is the very last time I take you to school in the car, you’ll have to walk from tomorrow.

 Very well

reluctant agreement

  • – “You should take a jacket with you” “Oh, very well … if I have to!!”

very good

respectful form of agreement; of course; certainly.

  • – “Could you wrap the dress for a present for my wife, please?” “Very good, Sir”

one’s very own

shared with no one else

  • – You’re very lucky to have your very own car. I have to share with my sister and my mother.

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