Understand English Grammar

 English grammar as a base

If we want to speak English well, understand the English language well , write English well it is necessary to find out how to understand English grammar.

How we use English verb forms (tenses) is essential to developing good communication in English.

Effective use of the English language is the key to good communication.

This is a series of classes about how we use English grammar correctly.

I am going to comment, briefly, about how we construct the verb form but, most importantly, I want to give the basic concepts of how these grammatical forms are used by native English speakers. 

Sometimes people try and complicate English Grammar . English grammar has evolved over many hundreds of years to become a simplified version of what went before.

The basic rules of verb forms (tenses) are very simple, they are perhaps different from your own language but they are not difficult.

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After learning and using  the basic verb forms correctly then English becomes more complicated because it is difficult to find rules to follow. It is at this stage that it is essential to have regular, daily, contact with the language.

……….. Put an English HABIT in your life

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  1. Roxana Zachry says:

    Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is good and the content is great! Keep up the good work

  2. Elane Derks says:

    Thank you for this appealing and quality content. This very informative and interesting content with many eye-opening points about English grammar. I concur with much of this content and appreciate the writer’s perceptions.

  3. myp2p rugby league says:

    very superior writing, but now i need some sleep. I come back later, to read all other topics on your post, it’s good to see your english grammar exercises.

    • admin says:

      Sleep well! We’ll be posting a lot more language and grammar exercises in the next two months

  4. Lewes de says:

    Beneficial to see that somebody desires to write about your topic. I’m content that I stopped by your post. Thanks for sharing

  5. car quotes says:

    I respect David Milchthe writing and directing of Deadwood was some of the best television I have seen in my 50 years. But, if he had to move on, there were other writers on the show that could have continued with a different person in charge. It happens all the time on regular TV, and after three seasons, those who stayed on could have maintained the integrity of the series.

  6. sadiya says:

    could u please explain whereever we can use HAD ?examle HE CALLED ME YESTERDAY.HE HAD CALLED ME YESTERDAY.(Both are true?)

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your question Sadiya. HAD can be both the Past Simple form of the verb HAVE (I had two new students in my class yesterday) and the auxiliary for the PAST PERFECT. Both your examples HE CALLED ME YESTERDAY.HE HAD CALLED ME YESTERDAY. are possible but they are used differently:
      John from the phone company CALLED ME YESTERDAY, his colleague Mary HAD CALLED ME THE DAY BEFORE.The Past Perfect (had called) shows us that this happened BEFORE another past (John called me)

      Another example: When I got to the station the train had already left.

  7. The term grammar is often used by non-linguists with a very broad meaning indeed; as Jeremy Butterfield puts it: “Grammar is often a generic way of referring to any aspect of English that people object to.” However, linguists use it in a much more specific sense.

  8. A grammar school is one of several different types of school in the history of education in the United Kingdom and some other English-speaking countries.

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